CASFOS Burnihat

The Government of India in the year 1976 established the first State Forest Service College in the country at Burnihat (now rename is Central Academy For State Forest Service), so as to impart 2 years professional forestry training to the SFS Officers, 18 months Forest Range Officer course of our country and also to conduct short term refresher courses and training-cum-workshop periodically. The Academy comes under the Directorate of Forest Education, Ministry of Environment and Forests, which has its headquarters in Dehradun. The Academy is situated on the border of two states Assam and Meghalaya occupying both sides of National highway No.40, popularly known as Guwahati Shillong Road. The Academy building, hostel, playground and some of the staff quarters are located in Kamrup District of Assam.

There is dispensary on the Assam side within the compound. The doctor and the staffs are provided by the Assam Government and they cater to the medical needs the local public as well as the college trainees and staff. Residential quarters for the clerical staffs and post office are located in Ri-Bhoi District of Meghalaya. The premier city of the North –East i.e. Guwahati is only 25 km from Burnihat. The historical name of Guwahati was Pragjyoutihpur and it was the capital of King Vir Bhagadutta during the period of ‘Mahabharata’. There are regular bus services connecting Guwahati and Burnihat.

To prepare a cadre of competent Forest Managers to manage India's Forest resources. Central Academy for State Forest Service, Burnihat conducts.

  • Professional forestry training for Direct Recruit State Forest Service (SFS) Officers and Range Forest Officer (RFO) trainees.

  • In-Service training for SFS Officers & RFOs.

Activities Undertaken During 2013-14

There were 128 Nos. of Range Forest Officer (RFO) trainees sent from different State/ Organization of the Country as detailed below during the said period. Besides there were 1 (one) no short term General Refresher Course for in-service ACF/SFS Officer and 3 (Three) Nos. Of Training cum Workshop for in-service Forest Range Officers which was successfully conducted by the Academy, as per allotment made by the Director of Forest Education to different State of the Country.

Sl. No Course No. of Trainee Completion of Course Remarks
1 2011-13 Forest Range Officer Course 26 May, 2013 Passed out
2 2012-14 Forest Range Officer Course 40 December, 2013 Passed out
3 2013-14 Forest Range Officer Course 31 December, 2014 Continuing
4 2014-15 Forest Range Officer Course 28 May, 2013 Continuing


No of Induction Course Conducted/Undergoing During 2013-14  
There were (4) four Forest Range Officers Induction Courses during the Year 2013-14
Details of Refresher Courses (General, Theme Based etc)/Workshops Conducted During 2013-14
List of Participants State wise with Designation Participated in Different Refresher Course/ Workshops  
Name of the participants of “General Refresher Course” for SFS/ACF Officers held at Central Academy for State Forest Service, Burnihat, Assam from 09.09.2013 to 20.09.2013
Name of the participants of “Training-cum-workshop” on “Community Forestry and JFM” for in-service FRO Officers held at CASFOS, Burnihat, Assam from 18.11.2013 to 23.11.2013
Name of the participants of “Training-cum-workshop” on “Human Resource Management” for in-service FRO Officers held at CASFOS, Burnihat, Assam from 02.12.2013 to 07.12.2013
Name of the participants of “Training-cum-workshop” on “Wildlife Management” for in-service FRO Officers held at CASFOS, Burnihat, Assam from 06.01.2014 to 11.01.2014
Details of Induction Course VIZ Syllabus Covered Tours
list of Numbers of Trainees with their States Passed out/Undergoing Training in Induction Course  
2011-2013 Batch Range Forest Officers
2012-2014 Batch Range Forest Officers
2013-2014 Batch Range Forest Officers
2014-2015 Batch Range Forest Officers
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