CASFOS BurnihatThe mandate of the Academy is to prepare a cadre of competent forest managers to manage India’s forest resources.

Central Academy for State Forest Service, Burnihat conducts
  • Professional Forestry training for State Forest Service Officers and Range Officer trainees.
  • In service training for State Forest Service Officers.

The training session cover multidisciplinary forest management subjects. The courses in the college are covered by a series of lecturers, practical, case studies, filed visits, tours, excursions, symposia, seminars and guest lecturers on forestry and allied subjects.

There is extensive touring conducted to sites where new experiments of forest management are being conducted. Training in first aid, use of weapons is also imparted.

Tours and Excursions

CASFOS BurnihatExtensive study tours ranging from 2 weeks to a month per tour are conducted during the 2 year stay in college. The trainees go to different regions of the country to study various conservation and development strategies besides new experiments on forest management.

Local excursion are also organized, usually on Saturdays, to forest areas, research centers, institution and places of educational interest.


Field exercise are conducted on the following subjects to improve the practical skills:

  • Forest Mensuration
  • Road Alignment
  • Survey
  • Engineering
  • Working Plan
Physical Fitness

CASFOS BurnihatTo have a sound mind in sound body, the trainees undertake rigorous physical exercise every morning. A number of outdoor sports are played in the evenings. There are facilities to play football, cricket, volleyball and basketball.

A portion of the ground has also been set aside for cricket practice nets. One outdoor badminton court with lighting facility has been established in front of the hostel.

Recently one multi Gym has also been installed in the hostel for the use of trainees.