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Central Academy for State Forest Service, Coimbatore has been offering the following training at various points of time viz.

  • Training for Assistant Conservator of Foresters (1980-2000)
  • Training for Range Forest Officers (2000 onwards)


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 List of Equipments for State Forest Officer Course trainees

 List of Equipments for Forest Range Officer Course trainees

a) Training for Assistant Conservator of Forests

Originally, the Academy was envisaged to impart professional training in forestry to Assistant Conservator of Foresters (ACF) recruited by the Forest Departments of various State and Union Territories. Regular Training courses for ACF were conducted here between 1980 -2000, each for duration of two years, at the end of which Diploma in Forestry was awarded to successful candidates. The classroom study was supplemented by study tours to various bio-geographic regions. About one third of the training period was spent on tours.

So far 18 batches of ACF trainees have been trained at SFSC with about 607 ACF trainees receiving the Diploma.

b) Training for Range Forest Officers

Since 2000 this Academy has been entrusted with the additional responsibility of imparting professional training in forestry to Range Forest Officers recruited by various States/Union Territories /Universities and candidates sponsored by Forest Corporations/Wood based Industries. This training currently consists of eighteen months residential course with emphasis on vigorous field training and over all personality development. The first batch of R F O’s Training started during the year 2000-2002.

c) In-Service Courses

In order to help the forest officers to keep abreast of the latest development in forestry and its related fields, the erstwhile State Forest Service College, Coimbatore has been conducting short-term training programs to the in-service forest officials in the rank of Deputy Conservator of Forests, Assistant Conservator of Forests, and Range Forest Officers from various states of the country, from time to time. Every year 10 -12 such courses are being offered at SFSC, which fall in the following types of short-term courses.

  • General Refresher Course (ACF/RFO/DRFO)
  • Computer Course In Forestry Application (Basic & Advanced)
  • Training of Trainers Course (TOT)
  • Workshops, Seminars, Conferences on selected themes/topics.

Extra curricular activities:

The Academy through the SFSC Associations provides a platform for the SFS Officers to have their creative skills by organizing Essay, Painting competitions, debates, and cultural programs, wildlife week celebrations. Every year a Sports Meet is organized to bring out the best in the trainees. Many trainees/officers of SFSC have participated in All India Forests Sports Meet and have won medals & laurels. The Association is successfully publishing the College Magazine SANTAROMA, which is reaching its 21st edition this year. This crystallizes the literary talents of the SFSC trainees in the form of wonderful essays, art pieces, poetry, Photography etc.,


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