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  1. Imparts Foundation Certificate Course to the Range Forest Officers deputed/sponsored by the States/Union Territories including Autonomous District Council/Forest Corporation & Public Sector undertakings sponsored through the Central/State/U.T Govt concerned and Candidates sponsored by foreign Countries.
  2. Conducts Theme based and General Refresher Courses to in-serving Range Forest Officers of the Country.


Tuition Fees and Stipend of Forest Range Officer Course  Hindi     English

 List of Equipments for Forest Range Officer Course trainees



Course Module

The Foundation certificate course is for a duration of 18months comprises of two phases of nine months each. The subjects taught during the course are

First Phase

  1. General Botany/Mathematics
  2. Applications of Modern Tools & Technology
  3. Silviculture-I
  4. Silviculture-II
  5. Forest Resource Assessment
  6. Forest Survey
  7. Forest Engineering
  8. Adverse Influence on Forests
  9. Forest Utilization-I

Second Phase

  1. Forest Policy & Law
  2. Ecology & Environmental Sciences
  3. Forest Utilization-II
  4. Forest Resource Management
  5. Natural Resource Management
  6. Forest Economics
  7. Biodiversity Conservation & Management
  8. Joint forest Management, Rural & Tribal Development
  9. Human Resource Development & Management
  10. Forest Accounts & Procedures.

In addition to the subjects, five study tours and seven field exercises shall be conducted during the course to cover practical aspects of training. Training in Weapons, Motor Mechanics & First Aid shall also be imparted. During the course, the performance of officer trainees will be evaluated through examinations and field exercises/assignments for a maximum marks of 5450.

The Following categories of Certificates shall be awarded to successful officer trainees at the end of the course.


  1. Honours’ Certificate: An “Officer Trainee” who has obtained 75% and above of the total number of marks provided he has cleared all subjects in first attempt.
  2. Pass Certificate: An “Officer Trainee who has obtained (i) not less than 50% or (ii) more than 75% and above of the total number of marks, but not cleared all the subjects in first attempt.

Apart from certificates, the following medals/prizes are awarded to meritorious officers’ trainee according to the guidelines existing.

  1. Gold Plated Silver Medal (Honours medal for topper)
  2. Silver Medal for Forestry
  3. Silver Medal for Ecology
  4. Silver Medal for Forest Survey & Engineering
  5. Silver Medal for Range Administration
  6. Indian Foresters Prize



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